Do Chemical Additives Clean your Fuel Injectors?

In short, no. There is nothing you can do to clean fuel injectors by pouring a chemical product into your gas tank. You need to pull fuel injectors out of the engine to actually clean them.

In spite of the claims that the chemical manufacturers make, the chemicals are not the right type nor strong enough to work the same way fuel injector cleaning does in a machine. The chemicals also cannot magically replace o-rings and strainers. You need to pull the fuel injectors to do this.

What makes the chemicals the right type or strong enough? In an off-engine fuel injector cleaning process, the fuel injectors are ultrasonically cleaned then flow cleaned in cleaning chemicals. It makes perfect sense that cleaning fuel injectors in special chemicals will clean something better that trying to clean something with the same gas (along with a little additive) that gunked them up to begin with.

What happens if you pour more fuel injector cleaner into your gas tank than what it says on the bottle? Using a chemical outside of the label recommendations can be disastrous. It will not remove all the goo inside the injector (unresolvable solids) that affects operation but it might damage the coil if you use enough of it.

Be safe and smart. Just pay the few extra bucks and pull the fuel injectors and get them professionally cleaned by us. Read more here in the .PDF

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