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Remember when you used to clean and adjust the carburetor as a part of the tune up? The carb was dirty and no tune up was complete until it was gone over. NOW, the fuel injector is the fuel delivery device. A dirty fuel injector will keep your mileage down and your car running poorly. A tune up can’t fix that. Get your fuel injectors cleaned! You will save money and reduce pollution. That is a win-win.

Injector Kings rebuilds your injectors to like new condition! LVIK (Las Vegas Injector Kings) is a Las Vegas, Nevada based fuel injector cleaning, repair and restoration service company. We clean and service top feed fuel injectors from import and domestic gas powered vehicles, GM throttle body injectors and hose fed fuel injectors. We also clean and service FICHT fuel injectors.

Since the majority of gas vehicles use one of these types of fuel injectors, there is a good chance that you can be helped by our fuel injector cleaning service. We clean other types of fuel injectors but do not flow them. At this time, we do not clean or service diesel fuel injectors. Fuel Injector Identification Sheet

Las Vegas Injector Kings is an iATN memberLas Vegas Injector Kings is a green company! LVIK uses environmentally safe products and processes to clean your injectors. We have a state of the art multi-stage ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning and testing system that gives our customers over a 95% success rate on cleaning fuel injectors and restoring them to like new condition.

Las Vegas Injector Kings is the premier fuel injector cleaning, restoration and repair service in Las Vegas. We use environmentally safe processes and take pride in our quality control and customer service values.

Why should I clean my fuel injectors?

Clean fuel injectors save you money! When you have dirty fuel injectors, your gas mileage suffers and your engine runs poorly and gets carboned up. Once your fuel injectors get dirty, pouring quick fix cleaners in your gas tank will not clean your fuel injectors. To clean dirty fuel injectors, you need to remove then from your engine and have them professionally cleaned in a fuel injector cleaning machine.


What happens when I send a fuel injector to LV Injector Kings?

  • The customer prints a form for us to use in the testing and cleaning process. The fuel injectors and the form are packed up and shipped to us.
  • We receive the package and open it. We verify all the information we need is clearly printed on the form. We check to see if all the fuel injectors are there that you say you sent. We call immediately if there are problems.
  • We enter the information into the database, make a copy of your form and place the dirty fuel injectors in the inspection line.
  • Within a few hours, we start the testing and cleaning process. We call or email you with the results and complete payment.
  • Once payment is verified, we ship the box with the cleaned and tested fuel injectors USPS back to you.


How much is the Fuel Injector Testing and Cleaning Service?

We charge $20.00 per fuel injector plus shipping for top feed, side feed and hose feed injectors. The $20.00 cost includes the testing and cleaning service as outlined on the Fuel Injector Cleaning Process page.  Shipping is $3.00 per order plus $2.00 per injector ($6.00 per injector to AK and HI and no shipping cost for in-person pickup). This makes shipping a flat $11.00 for a 4 cylinder car to anywhere in the continental USA.

The cost per injector is now $20.00 each.

  • Porsche K-Jetronic fuel injectors are $50.00 each.
  • Throttle body injectors are $80.00 for a set of one or two.
  • GM spiders are $20.00 per cylinder plus $60.00 if nothing is broken or missing.
  • FICHT injectors are $150.00 each. Extra shipping costs apply. FICHT injectors for California customers are $175.00 each.


What happens when I send you a bad fuel injector to clean?

Some fuel injectors cannot be saved. For those rare times, sometimes we can substitute a fuel injector from our stock for a nominal fee and save you money over going to the auto parts store to find a replacement. Used replacement fuel injectors are available for many cars. You will get your old fuel injector back with an explanation of the defect. Sometimes, fuel injectors are slightly out of spec but still might function in the engine. Modern PCM’s (computers) have the ability to compensate for minor problems and you might be OK. Either way, we will tell you your options and help you make a decision. If you decide to not have the bad fuel injector serviced, you will not be charged for that injector.

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